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Kaelyn has been a teacher for over 20 years, both at her home school near Cincinnati, OH, and traveling all across the United States and Canada as a a guest artist and instructor. Focusing on all styles of dance, she is a sought-after teacher and adjudicator who loves to bring her unique teaching style to kids all over the country!

Her professional career began at age 18, as a featured performer in Cedar Pointe’s groundbreaking tap/drum show “Krash Boom Bang!” , a first for theme parks.  Soon after, she was the youngest choreographer/creative director for Paramount’s Kings Island and King’s Dominion, creating a show named “Pulse” which toured for over 3 years.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Dance, Art, Music, Movement, Rhythm, Teaching, Freedom, Learning, Expanding, Progressing. These are the very things that define me as an Artist. There has not been a moment in life, a high, or a low, that dance has not been right by my side. It’s a pretty incredible thing! I’ve always been taught that gifts are meant to share, and my gifts have led me to experience amazing things in my lifetime.  When an artist is able to step outside themselves, and offer what they have, it’s a full circle moment. There is nothing that brings me more happiness than igniting the artist within a student, an adult, or even a fellow colleague!  

What I admire most about dancing, is that there is no “Finality”.  I’m a believer and an advocate for remaining a student.  Take class when you can, watch videos and get inspired!  We live in the digital age, how amazing is that?  More importantly, respect those who came before you, but never be afraid to blaze your own trail. This is what has led me here. 

I hope through my website and tutorials, you will unlock another side of your creativity.  Maybe you can find that excitement for teaching again!  Or maybe, you are giving yourself the opportunity to expand your own artistry as a Tap Dancer:)  Regardless, know that I am here with you every step of the way.

Happy Tapping!

Kaelyn Gray

Founder, Creator  


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