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Kaelyn has been a teacher for over 20 years, both at her home school near Cincinnati, OH, and traveling all across the United States and Canada as a a guest artist and instructor. Focusing on all styles of dance, she is a sought-after teacher and adjudicator who loves to bring her unique teaching style to kids all over the country!

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bring tap to the people

Nothin’ But Combos 1

All the music to jam to for NBC’s 1st series!

Three And A Break

If you forgo the metronome, some great swingin’ tunes to go along with those Time Steps!

Nothin’ But Combos 2

All the tunes to compliment the 2nd Installment of NBC2, plus extra songs for different tempos!

Classics With A Twist!

One of my bigger playlists that I dive into frequently for quick music for tap class!

The Summer Sessions

All the music for the Summer Sessions, and my go-to nostalgia for long summer drives. Can you say 90’s?

Tap Class ’n Stuff

My “everything but the kitchen sink” playlist for tap classes – this is good one to subscribe to as I add new artists frequently!

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